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Video #11: Back to Basics: Keep Your Queen Home Early by Mr. Panthauer

​​Video #15: For those of you missing playing Bughouse, here's a short video of two 4-player teams!

Video #14: Putting it All Together, A Game by 2020 CT State High School Champion, Preston DeLeo

Video #7: Keep It Simple!

Back to Basics Series 

for those of you just starting out

Video #6: An Early Knight

Improving Your Play

Video #16: Back to Basics: Moving the Pieces

Video #9: Back to Basics: Learn About "En Passant"from Mr.Panthauer

​​​Video #18: Openings: Playing Black Against the Ruy Lopez

Video #13: Advanced: I've See that Pattern Before! ​

Video #12: Back to Basics: Mr. Salzman Shows How to Checkmate with King and Rook